Frequently Asked Questions

Why one should consume Ojaas?
The Ojaas Health Booster is a beverage suitable for every age group to devour as daily health-boosting supplements.

What are the (main) health benefits of ojaas?
Mainly it works as an immunity booster & also helps in the control of diabetes. To know more of benefits click here

Is Ojaas areca drink free from chemicals?
Yes. Its 100% natural product without any indulge of chemicals or preservatives

What is the age limitation for the consumption of Ojaas?
Anyone who’s age is above 6 can consume Ojaas.

Why people prefer Ojaas?
Because it is an ideal & easy option for the people looking to add a healthy diet to their fast-paced modern lifestyle.

Are there any other Health Benefits apart from the ones that are mentioned? 
Yes. There are 21 benefits according to the International Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Research publication IJPSR (2012), Vol. 3, Issue 11, dated 20-10-2012.

Does Areca Tea require sugar or jaggery? 
Yes. Ojaas areca drink doesn’t contain sugar elements. But you can add sugar or jaggery as per your taste preference. 

How ojaas is different than other areca drink? Or is ojaas different than other areca drinks?
There are different ways to consume ojaas as per your taste preference. Like, you can mix it with milk(hot/cold), water(hot), you can make a milkshake, or your favourite green tea. With sugar without sugar.

Is Ojaas areca drink suitable for vegetarians?
Yes. It is 100% vegetarian 

Can I consume more than one glass of ojaas Areca drink in a 24HR period?
Yes. You can drink up to 3 glass in a 24 hours period.

When should I consume Ojaas areca drink? Have they considered tea replacement?
You can consume it anytime. Yes, you can consider it as a tea replacement.

What is the shelf life of ojaaas areca drink?
The shelf life of Ojaas Areca drink is up to 10 months from the MFG

Where do I buy ojaas areca drink?
You can buy it from our website, you can order over the phone. we Will be available in your nearest supermarket shortly.

Can I place an order by phone?
Yes. you can order Ojaas over phone.

How does your shipping and delivery process work?
Our shopping and delivery proceed under SOP.

What form of payment do you accept?
We accept all forms of payment mode.

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