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Ojaas Health Booster is a Tea or a beverage suitable for every age group as a daily supplement. Apart from a nutritious diet, one should also intake Immunity boosting, healthy drinks to remain healthy and active throughout the day. Body composition change each day and a healthy nutritious drink like Ojaas will not just boost your immunity but will help in improving the vital functions of the body. An innovative step from us to showcase the world about the healing properties of our rendition of Areca.

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    What is Ojaas Areca Health Booster?
    How it works for everyone in your family.

    How to Prepare?
    Herbal Tea | Areca Tea | Areca Chai | Cold Milkshake

    Health Benefits of Ojaas Areca Tea

    Areca being used for ages therapeutically, in fact, it entered as a pharmaceutical drug in Indian and British formularies, some of its health benefits are as follows.

    Energy Booster

    Thanks to its stimulating effect, users experience elevated levels of energy quickly upon consuming Ojaas Health Booster.

    Anti depressant

    Alkaloids present in areca acts on the Central Nervous System and induce a euphoric state.

    Prevents Stomach Problems

    It prevents from Dysentery and aids in curing diarrhea, indigestion and stomach ache.

    Relieves from Excess Heat

    It helps in reducing the excessive heat from the body, can be quite beneficial in summers.


    There was also a custom for lovers to chew areca nut and betel leaf together, because of its breath-freshening and relaxant properties. They are often chewed before traveling to help prevent nausea and

    Can control diabetes

    Arecoline is among the bio-chemicals present in areca nut. This particular bio-chemical has been analyzed to have a considerable control on diabetes.

    Control hypertension/BP

    The tannins contained in areca nut are helpful in managing high blood pressure activity by inhibiting the reaction to both angiotensin I and II.

    Appetite Booster

    Areca nut is used to stimulate appetite and increase saliva flow for digestion.

    Detoxify the Body

    In traditional medicines, areca nut was often used as a detoxifier, It has the ability to stimulate gastrointestinal activity, helping with flatulence or constipation.


    Areca nut extract showed an increase in collagen synthesis, which improves skin hydration, skin elasticity and works as an anti-wrinkling agent.

    History And Significances

    Areca nut has a long history because of its antiquity. Reference to areca nut and its medical properties cited numerous times across the history books.

    Areca in holistic traditional medicines

    Uses of areca found in Ayurveda and traditional Chinese medicines. Including ‘Sushruta’ and many Arab authors, European traveler ‘Herodotus’ mentioned its rejuvenating properties.

    Historical significance of Areca

    The citation of areca can be seen In the part of India, Sri Lanka, and southern China’s history. Reference to areca nut goes back to the Tatakas and in several Pali works. Also available in, Mahabharata, ‘Hitopadesha’, ‘Nimmatnama-i Nasiruddin-Shahi’ and many more ancient scriptures.

    Why Ojaas?

    The Ojaas Health Booster is a beverage suitable for every age group to devour as a daily supplement, to those who looking to add a healthy diet to their fast-paced modern lifestyle

    Life-style Enhancer

    Nowadays it’s all about moving fast and smart. The day can be very hectic and long, on top of that our food habits can drive us bonkers. So the mantra is to start the day in a healthy way and diet. And that’s exactly Ojaas Health Booster is made for. This can revitalize you and assists you in being charged throughout the day.

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    How to prepare?

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